Top Makeup Trends 2020

Top Makeup Trends 2020

The first quarter of 2020 has gone by so quickly and we have seen some of the cosmetic products, makeup products, and other beauty products that have so far made it to the top makeup trends of 2020. Before you go to your beauty supply store, here are some beauty tips to keep you updated on the various trends for 2020.

1. Bold colors

Wearing vivid colors is a strong move that is trending this year. Pastel colors have been a trend in 2019 so for 2020, lush and deep variations of pastel hues are the ones that are trending. Jewel tones are also reigning this year. Invest in bright colored eye makeup for this year.

Instead of using the usual black when doing smoky eyes, you can opt for more colourful options such as blue, pink, purple, peach, yellow, etc. Some models and celebrities have already walked the runway or appeared in several events wearing eyeshadow in bright and bold colors. You can pair this with a bright poppy red lipstick.

Another option would be to wear a bright-colored eyeliner like for example in acidic lime, electric neon, cobalt, or even peach and pair it with a neutral-coloured lipstick or a black lipstick, depending on the look you are trying to achieve. You can still achieve a natural look with a bold eyeshadow.

Another bold move is to wear a pink mascara and pair it with a lightly stained pink lip. You can also use a bright-colored blush to use on your cheeks, brush over your lips, use across your lid, or use as smoke under your eyes.

You might have noticed some models who used holographic purple-pink highlighter across their cheekbones or a combination of pink and orange flush used on the cheekbones, brows, and eyes.

2. Glitters and shimmery makeup

Wearing glossy, glittery, shiny, shimmery, or metallic makeup is a top trend in 2020 because of its holographic and futuristic look. You can start by wearing glittery shadows. Stock up on every jewel-tone shimmer to keep up with this trend. You can also go for the smoky eyes effect using a dash of metallic shadow from the inner to the center of your eye lid. You can also blend your glittery eyeshadow with your eye liner to make you look glam. Pair this with glittery nails.

Aside from wearing glittery eyeshadows, you can also opt for a metallic-shade lipstick paired with a lighter shade of eyeshadow. If you want to wear glitters without making a statement, you can opt for a subtle metallic or gold eyeshadow that you can trace along your top and bottom lashlines and flick out at the end just like how you do with your eyeliner.

3. Matching shades on the face

Achieve a monochromatic look by using the same shade on your face in different ways. This look is perfect for spring and it also makes you look young and fresh. You can use the same shade of eye shadow and lipstick or the same shade of eye shadow and blush. You can also opt for the same shade on your eyes, cheeks, and lips. A perfect color to do these combinations would be pink or peach but you can actually choose any color that you feel like using.

4. Glossy skin

Instead of wearing foundation makeup, bring out your inner glow by using skincare products that bring out your natural glow such as a moisturizer, sunscreen, serum, and hyaluronic acid. Invest in makeup products that double as skincare. You bring out a healthy glow by using these products and it gives you a fresher and lighter look. Investing on beauty skin care products is actually more important than investing on makeup.

If you want to put on makeup and achieve that glowing or dumpling skin, you can opt for lightweight foundation and concealer and a wet-looking or dumpling-effect highlighter or bronzer. You can add neutral shades of eyeshadow and lipstick to achieve a natural look.

5. Natural brows

The brows were much of a fuss in the previous year. Natural brows are welcomed this year. You don’t need to make your brows look thick. You just need a touch of powder and a clear brow gel to fill in the sparse areas of your brows and brush your brows to bring out your natural soft feathered brows.

6. No makeup look

This look is a little less lighter than the glowing or dumpling skin look. To achieve this look, use a soft matte foundation or a glowy primer and apply a sheer layer of color that will let out your natural skin color. This is less bright compared to the glowing skin look and it also makes you look young and fresh. You can pair this with a nude colored-lipstick to achieve that natural or no makeup look.

Before buying makeup and other makeup cosmetics, makeup brushes, etc., always check for beauty product reviews and see what other customers have to say about these products.