Best Maryland Neighborhoods
Where to Live in 2022

Maryland is an excellent place to live. Situated between Virginia and Pennsylvania, residents experience all four seasons—but its particular location in the middle of the Eastern Seaboard means that they avoid extreme temperatures in winter and summer.

The median household income is around a comfortable $85,000, about 6% higher than the national average. Employment opportunities abound in tech, financial services, and government. The average home price in the state is $385,000, but there is a range of lower and higher options. Check out some of the best neighborhoods in a state famous for Crabs and Old Bay Seasoning:

neighborhoods in rockville md

1. Rockville

Rockville is one of the best cities in Maryland outside of Washington D.C. With a population of under 70,000, it’s home to several upscale shopping centers like the Rockville Town Square, where shops and restaurants surround a beautiful ice skating rink in the winter. The median home listing price is just under $500,000, so it is a more expensive area. Most of the employment opportunities here center around biotech and government.

neighborhoods in Annapolis md

2. Annapolis

Annapolis is the capital of Maryland and it’s absolutely perfect for homeowners who love an environment with character. Founded in 1649, it’s known for its historical brick homes and sprawling waterfront near the U.S. Naval Academy. If your idea of living in Maryland includes being close to the calm waters of the Chesapeake Bay, Annapolis is absolutely one of the best places to live in Maryland. The median home price is $500,000.

neighborhoods in Frederick md

3. Frederick

There’s more to Maryland than Baltimore and Washington D.C! Western Maryland is rich with farmland, historical trails, and All-American small towns like Frederick. Frederick is known for its Civil War history and other such historical sites to explore in its very walkable downtown. Art galleries, shops, and restaurants abound, with periodic festivals to enjoy, especially in the summer. If rolling hills and historic charm are for you, so is the $400,000 median home price.

neighborhoods in owings mills md

4. Owings Mills

Owings Mills is a suburb just north of Baltimore, outside the circle of the 695 expressway. The median home price is a comfortable $330,000 and most of the homes are just half an hour away from the attractions of Baltimore City like the Inner Harbor, National Aquarium, and Camden Yards. If you’re looking for good neighborhoods in Baltimore Maryland, Owings Mills is a safe choice with plenty of access to shopping and dining.

neighborhoods in pikesville md

5. Pikesville

If you’re looking for the best Jewish neighborhoods in Maryland, Pikesville is second to none. There are dozens of synagogues, several day schools, and a plethora of Kosher restaurants in the community, which also has a traditional Sabbath boundary for the Orthodox community. The median home price is $369,000.

neighborhoods in takoma park md

6. Takoma Park

Takoma Park’s tree-lined streets have a special funky charm and a peace-and-love vibe. It’s known as Azalea City in honor of the blooming red flowers that grace the city in early Spring, and its greenery has earned it the accolade of being a Tree City according to the Arbor Day Foundation. If you want access to Washington D.C. for work or play, but you need a quiet neighborhood, Takoma park is for you. The Takoma Park Music Festival in the late summer brings some seasonal excitement to this otherwise low-key area. The median home price is $538,000.

neighborhoods in bel air md

7. Bel Air

If you’ve got a family and you’re looking for affordable neighborhoods in Maryland, Bel Air is a great choice. This Baltimore suburb has some of the top-rated schools in the state and a $240,000 median home price, making it affordably a perfect fit for parents with kids. There are a  number of great recreational spaces like Plumtree Park and charming family-owned businesses downtown.

neighborhoods in neighborhoods in Brunswick md

8. Brunswick

If tree-studded rolling hills and meandering rivers is your type of scene, you won’t want to miss Brunswick. This small town of around 6,000 residents is set along the Potomac River in Western Maryland and just a short distance from historic Harper’s Ferry in neighboring West Virginia. The median home price is just $199,000, making it one of the more affordable neighborhoods in Maryland.

neighborhoods in silver spring md

9. Silver Spring

Silver Spring is a very woody area around 45 minutes north of the capital. There are about $81,000 residents and the median home price is $514,000. There are excellent bike paths, hiking trails, and public parks dotting the city, such as Wheaton Regional Park. The downtown area is lively with shopping, dining, and music venues.

neighborhoods in Easton md

10. Easton

The Chesapeake Bay separates part of Maryland from the mainland. Easton is one of the best places to live in Maryland on the so-called Eastern Shore. The median home price is just $268,000 and it’s rated one of the best places to retire. If you love sailing, seafood, and antique hunting, then the side of the Eastern Shore facing the Chesapeake Bay is perfect for you.

neighborhoods in White Marsh md

11. White Marsh

If you’re seeking a balance of reasonable access to urban excitement and natural beauty, White Marsh is perfect. The median home price is $274,000 and there is quick access to some of the state’s best recreational areas like Gunpowder Falls State Park. Baltimore City and all its attractions are also just about 40 minutes away. The centerpiece of White Marsh is the mall, featuring staple retailers around a small plaza that becomes an ice-skating rink in the winter.

neighborhoods in Bethesda md

12. Bethesda

The Bethesda Maryland neighborhoods are one of the more exclusive and expensive areas around the nation’s capital, with median home prices hovering around $855,000. Bethesda has been rated one of the most educated towns in America, and many of its residents work in technology, finance, or for the government. The downtown is developed into a charming and walkable space of cobblestone pedestrian streets fronted by shops, restaurants, and condominium apartments.

neighborhoods in pasadena md

13. Pasadena

Pasadena is about halfway between Baltimore and Annapolis. Pasadena Maryland neighborhoods are known for their trees and large houses fronting the numerous inlets and waterways of the Chesapeake Bay. Pasadena is also close to the regional BWI Airport and Glen Burnie’s Maryland Live Casino, which features gaming and entertainment. The median home price is around $409,000.

neighborhoods in cumberland md

14. Cumberland

Cumberland is a scenic town at the foothill of the Allegheny Mountains, where George Washington briefly set up his headquarters during the Revolutionary War. Today, Cumberland is known for its small town charm, its music festivals, and its scenic Western Maryland Railroad. The median home price is a very low $99,000, but as it is in the most isolated part of the state’s western handle, employment opportunities are not bountiful. However, if you work remotely, Cumberland may be an overlooked neighborhood off the beaten path, especially for those who love nature and small town living.

Fells Point md

15. Fells Point

Fells Point is one of the most historic neighborhoods in Baltimore. In fact, many of its streets are still cobblestoned, and its restaurants, shops, and bars are in original buildings from the 18th century. But as it turns out, Fells Point is also one of the hottest places for young professionals to live in the city. The median home price is $295,000, but most of the residents are renters and waterfront rental opportunities abound. Fells Point is close to some of the tech and finance companies downtown, along with fitness retailer UnderArmor.