Best Trails and Hikes in Maryland

Maryland is an undeniably beautiful state with so much nature and scenic beauty within it. Many residents of Maryland may not even know where to start when trying to look for a trail to hike or bike along. We have compiled a list of some of the best trails to check out the next time you are looking for a relaxing way to explore your state!


Baltimore is known mainly for its bustling city life, but the area has a lot to offer in terms of beautiful green trails and paths. Whether you’re looking for an adventurous hike or an easy stroll, Baltimore has got it all! Here are the top three trails in Baltimore. 

1. Jones Falls

Jones Falls is an 11-mile trail that takes you through the city and natural side of Baltimore taking you to sites such as the Inner Harbor, Penn Station, Baltimore Streetcar Museum, Druid Hill Park, Druid Hill Park Reservoir, Baltimore Conservatory, Maryland Zoo in Baltimore, WWI Memorial, and Cylburn Arboretum. At the end of the trail there is a beautiful crescent waterfall, making Jones Falls the best Hiking Trail in Maryland with a Waterfall!

2. Herring Run Greenway

Herring Run Greenway is a 5.7-mile trail popular amongst bikers, making it the best biking trail in Baltimore. Going around the perimeter of the famous Montebello Lake, this trail offers beautiful scenery in addition to a mostly flat and accessible walk. This is a great choice for anyone looking to get out of the house and enjoy the nice weather!

3. Avalon Loop Trail

The Avalon Loop trail is much longer than the other two mentioned, at 20 miles this trail is not for beginners. This hiking trail is very hilly and is moderately challenging compared to others on this list. If you are an experienced hiker, the Avalon trail is definitely worth the hike. With waterfalls, ruins, bird watching, and other beautiful wildlife, this trail is a must-see.


Our State’s Capital is known for its historic significance and beautiful coastline. The trails in the area do not fall short of this reputation. If you are looking for a trail with a waterfront view, Annapolis has got you covered. Here are the top three trails in Annapolis!

1. Sandy Point Hut and Beach Trail

Sandy Point is an underrated beach in Annapolis that has much to offer, including a 0.9-mile trail that anyone can do! This trail is along the coastline with sections of soft sand for kids and dogs to play in. There are also lighthouses that can be seen on the trail that make for a beautiful and unique view.

2. Quiet Waters Park Trail

Quiet Waters Park Trail is a 5.4-mile trail and is an easy walk, suitable for anyone looking to get moving. This is also a great place to take your dogs for a long walk and have them play with other dogs in the dog park on the trail! On the coast, this trail is also great for fishing! If you are looking for a nice day trip with the entire family, Quiet Waters Park Trail is definitely the trip for you!

3. Greenbury Point Trail

The Greenbury Point Trail is a 3.1-mile trail near the navy academy in Annapolis. This trail is actually made up of two different routes for different types of adventures. The first is called the Nature Center and Tower Trails. These routes are covered in nature as the name suggests, which can cause this trail to be a little overgrown but beautiful nonetheless. The second is named the tower trail which is paved and a much easier hike.


As the biggest city in Western Maryland, Hagerstown obviously has great scenic and historic places to check out. Western Maryland is known for its beautiful outdoorsy views and experiences. Here are the top trails in Hagerstown.

1. Thurston Griggs Trail

A very rocky and challenging hike, Thurston Griggs Trail is a great place for experienced hikers and is the most challenging hiking place in Maryland. At 11 miles this trail is probably best for those walking and not biking as the trail is covered in nature. As such, there is a lot of foliage that can make biking slightly more difficult. Although hiking trails are common in Western Maryland, this is no doubt the best one. This is still a beautiful trail filled with trees, flowers, and everything that makes a walk outside enjoyable!

2. Hagerstown Fairgrounds Loop

This is a paved trail that circles Fairgrounds Park in Hagerstown. It is a very easy walk for families and pets while also giving a great path for bikers to ride smoothly. There are a ton of grassy areas for kids to play and run freely while not disturbing other people. This is a quick and easy walk especially good for families!

Something a Little Different

There are many unique experiences to look for when searching for a place to explore with your loved ones. Don’t limit yourself to the trails listed above. There are other ways to get out of the house and explore Maryland!

ORV Trails

Maybe walking isn’t exactly your thing and you are looking for a place to take your Jeep off-road through the natural scenery of Maryland. There are many jeep trails in Maryland that can definitely satisfy any adventure. The top three ORV trails are:

1. Assateague Island Beach ORV Trail

Explore the beautiful coastline of Assateague Island on the off-road trail of the island. The Assateague Island national seashore is located on the eastern coast of the Delmarva Peninsula, which is the peninsula that hangs off the side of Maryland, having parts of it in Delaware, Virginia, and Maryland, hence the name Delmarva. This island is known for its wildlife, having a large population of feral horses. Riding along the ORV trail in Assateague Island is sure to provide an experience unlike any other.

2. Laurel Run Road ORV Trail

The Laurel Run Road ORV Trail is a mountain bike trail as well as an ORV trail in Western Maryland. This is definitely the best mountain bike trail in the state. Laurel Run’s namesake comes from the Mountain-laurel visible on the trail. On multiple parts of the trail there are areas covered in this beautiful flower. However, this is not a great place to bring pets as the Mountain Laurel is an incredibly poisonous plant for animals and humans. Pretty to look at but not to eat!

3. Burkholder Road ORV Trail

This trail is located right next to Backbone Mountain on the Appalachian Mountain range. This area has both a hiking and ORV trail that is sure to provide picturesque views. While on this mountain make sure to check out the highest point in Maryland, Hoye-Crest on the Appalachian!

SPooky Stroll

Maryland is a very historic state, and part of that history includes ghosts! There are many haunted trails in Maryland to satisfy anyone’s curiosity. Some walking tours are in cities and some are far out in the woods. Some are open all year long and some are only open around the Halloween season. Here are some that are definitely worth checking out!

1. Fells Point Walking Ghost Tour

This tour in Baltimore’s Fells Point is more of a history of the city itself, offering an inside look as to the people who lived in this seaport town. This tour takes you throughout the city of Fells Point and is open April through November with extra times in October.

2. Markoff’s Haunted Forest

Located in Dickerson, Maryland in Montgomery County, just north of D.C, Markoff’s Haunted Forest is a journey through the woods facing monsters and other scary individuals on your way to the big event The Town which hosts other ghouls and goblins that want you to stay in this town forever! This event only lasts in the month of October so plan ahead and put it on your calendar now!