2021 Best Private High Schools in Maryland

When it comes to education, some parents tend to panic. Should you take your kids to private school? Or should an elementary school enough to get the work done? In most cases, parents would go for private schools in Maryland simply because of the many benefits this type of educational institution offers. But how certain are you if the one you chose is among the best high schools in Maryland?

You see, the options you have when it comes to top high schools can be tough. There are Baltimore high schools and then there are private schools in Montgomery County, MD. At the end of the day, selecting the right one can be confusing. No need to worry, though – we have already performed the heavy lifting. In this article, let’s take a look at some of the very best private schools in Maryland.

#1. Holton-Arms School

Holton-Arms School is without a doubt top rated, private school in in Bethesda, MD. Keep in mind, however, that this is an all-girls school. If you want your daughter to experience the best education out there, then there is no doubt this school will get the job done. Overall, it has around 660 students to offer and a great student-teacher ratio of 8 to 1.

#2. Gilman School

The next one on the list is for sure one of the best private schools in Baltimore County. Gilman School is known for its extensive pursuit of excellence in everything they do for education. Not only are they rich when it comes to offering comprehensive programs, but they are also packed with top-notch and immeasurably talented faculty. What is more, they are a school known for developing world-class students!

#3. The Bryn Mawr School

There is every reason to put the Bryn Mawr School in Baltimore, MD. For starters, they have a school body with qualities ranging from excellence, respect, and integrity. They also have a solid educational program in place, which is why they are considered one of the top high schools in Maryland. The school is also known for its welcoming community, allowing parents to feel more comfortable about their kids’ future in the school.

#4. Landon School

Located in Bethesda, MD, Landon School has a student-teacher ratio of 5-1. In a recently released survey for the most exceptional private high schools in Maryland, Landon School is among the few that guarantees a graduate of their institution to enter a 4-year college course. That is also the main reason why it can easily compete with other private schools in Montgomery County, MD.

#5. Georgetown Preparatory School

Are you looking for the best catholic private schools in MD? Well, look no further than Georgetown Preparatory School in Rockville Pike, North Bethesda. The school is best known for its commitment to instilling a sense of purpose. Even more so, it teaches its students to become "Men for Others," which, in today’s society, is certainly of utmost importance.

#6. Key School

As the name of the school already suggests, Key School in Annapolis, MD is all about challenging its students are academically right from the very start. The school campus is heralded for its ability to provide incredible facilities, not to mention an immaculate which continues to put its students to greater heights.

#7. McDonogh School

Located in Owings Mills, the McDonogh School has a deep tradition to offer. But despite its rich roots, it does not steer clear from putting out an eye toward the future. Apart from offering a very welcoming community, it can compete with other Annapolis private schools when it comes to developing students to become "LifeReady." And yes, this is all thanks to the campus dedication to guiding students through caring and talented teachers.

#8. The Bullis School

Located in Potomac, MD, the Bullis School is one of those few private schools that can become an avenue for joy. Dedication and valuable education is always present, not to mention the many opportunities surfacing. It is a school that values the importance of innovating, deep thinking, collaborating, and helping. Even more so, it encourages it students to discover their passion and talent.

#9. The Park School of Baltimore

Also located in Baltimore, Park School Baltimore is clearly in part with other schools in the area as well as those with Asheville private schools. It offers a warm and welcoming environment, enabling kids to feel at home right from the start. What is, the school supports the idea of socializing and networking.

#10. Saint James School

Saint James School is located in Hagerstown, MD. It is one of those schools that can offer students with tons of opportunities and electives. In addition, it is known for its rich programs and a lovely sense of community. It is also where you can witness an amazing communication between students and teachers. And, oh, college readiness program is absolutely perfect!

#11. Friends School of Baltimore

Friends School of Baltimore has a lot of qualities to offer; hence, it is easily one of the best private high schools in Maryland. In fact, you can easily tell whether a student is from this school. From business leaders, to college admission officers to families, these people will tell you what a great school this is. If you want your kid to learn the value of confidence and maturity, as well as have a sense of purpose, then there is no need for you to make any second thoughts. Being one of the best high schools in Baltimore, there is no reason to doubt Friends School of Baltimore.

#12. Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart

Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart is located in Bethesda, MD. Believe it or not, this one right here is one of the few affordable private schools in Maryland. What is more, it has a very committed faculty, all of whom are dedicated to teaching and guiding students. This independent and all-girls Catholic school is perfect for parents with daughters who want to be part of an international-class educational institution.

#13. St. Andrew's Episcopal School

St. Andrew's Episcopal School is also one of those affordable private schools in MD with a great focus on helping the Potomac thrive on a world class level. You will appreciate the fact that this school has lots of clubs and organizations to offer, giving students a deluge of opportunities get involved in. Apart from being welcoming and nurturing community, it is also a school packed with staff and teachers who are all about caring for the good of their students.

#14. Glenelg Country School

Of course, it is only right to include the Glenelg Country School in Ellicott City. What most parents love about this school is the fact that the administration values the feedback it gets from both students and families. Even more so, the teachers there will make sure to reflect on these feedbacks whether they are good or bad. They are also known for competing with other schools like Baltimore City private elementary schools when it comes to quality and educational standards.

#15. Roland Park Country School

Situated in Baltimore, MD, Roland Park Country School is among the best Baltimore area private schools. Being an independent school in the area for girls, they certainly have managed to uplift its reputation since inception. As a matter of fact, the school is best known for offering a lively all-girls culture, one that is deeply rooted in the idea that female empowerment starts with young women empowering one another.

#16. The Heights School

The Heights School is another top rated and private school in Potomac, MD. It is an all-boys and Catholic educational institution, with around 540 students in grades 3-12. In addition to these, it also has a great a student-teacher ratio, which is said to be 7 to 1. The school boast a high percentage for its graduates attending a 4-year college and that is around 98%.

#17. The Severn School

The Severn School is located in Severna Park, MD with robust programs to offer. Are you looking for a school with great academic and athletic programs? Do you want a school that can provide your kids with a bounty of extracurricular programs? From impressive facilities to incredible class sizes, The Severn School will not let you or your kid down.

#18. Beth Tifloh Dahan Community School

Arguably the best private high school in Baltimore, MD, Beth Tifloh Dahan Community School is a Jewish Day School. But apart from offering a dual curriculum, you will see how exceptional the school’s academic level – and believe it or not, it is extremely high and one of the best in the areas. Moreover, the school is known for having a great line of teachers, all of whom are guaranteed to be friendly, accommodating, and always ready to offer their help to students.

#19. Rochambeau French International School

If you are looking for some of the best private high schools in Bethesda, MD, then you will certainly appreciate the Rochambeau French International School. For years, it has been successful in spearheading the very qualities of world-class education. And despite its commitment to reach internationally minded families, it does not stop from offering its rich programs to others. In a sense, it does not matter whether your kid knows how to speak French. That is because the goal of the school is to offer your kid a top-notch and unique multi-cultural yet transformative environment.

#20. Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School

Also a top rated, private school in Rockville, MD, Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School is Jewish school a student-teacher ratio of 6 to 1. It is one of the few schools across the world that can exceed your expectations, from the academics to teachers to the school to the athletics. The educational institution also offers a very welcoming environment as well as a mission to thrive in a world-class setting.

#21. Loyola Blakefield

This top rated, private, all-boys school is located in Towson, MD, and it is also a Catholic school like those Baltimore area private schools. The most interesting part of this school is its ability to offer students with a good number of classes, clubs, sports, and opportunities. It is really committed in developing and readying its students for world-class challenges. If you want your kid to be involved in a variety of activities, then make sure to consider Loyola Blakefield. It is, after all, a private high school with a passion to help students involve themselves in the field of management, tech, acting, and production, among many others.

#22. Our Lady of Good Counsel High School

One of the few best private high schools with great commitment to student diversity and educational standards, the Our Lady of Good Counsel High School has managed to go beyond expectations and wow parents throughout the years. They have also been successful in creating students that have the potential to become world leaders and business magnates. If you want a school where your kid can be strategically positioned for career growth, then this is your best bet.

#23. St. Paul's School

When talking about private high school rankings in Baltimore, it is hard not to include St. Paul’s School. For starters, it is where you can find a good student-teacher ratio, which is 8-1. What is more, it has a great number of challenging academics that can build your kids’ future in whatever field he/she might be interested in. Add to this the fact that the school has tons of after school, on campus activities to help nurture your kid’s socializing and athletic skills.

#24. Sandy Spring Friends School

Sandy Spring Friends School is indeed among the top ranking high schools in Sandy Spring, MD. The best thing about this educational institution is that it is primarily designed to prepare students for college. Mind you, its program is already built right from the age of 3 through Grade 12. It is a school with a very warming community and a good eye for the future of its students.

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