Workout Motivation Tips

You may hate it, but there is no point in denying that exercise is good for you. It gives you endorphins. It helps prevent diseases in the long term. It helps you clear your mind. It helps relieve stress. It helps you regulate your sleep. However, getting up and actually working out is often harder than the workout itself. How do you motivate yourself?

Find the best workout time for you

While for some people waking up earlier and getting their workout in is ideal, for others it may be best to go for a quick run during their lunch break, or hitting the gym after work. Some may also prefer working out late at night. The truth is the options are endless and only you can know what works best. If you find yourself completely clueless, the only way you will know is trying different options. Also, a good tip is to look at your calendar and see where you have 30 minutes to 1 hour to spare for a workout.

Schedule your workouts in advance

Once you know what time is best for you, write down when you plan to exercise for fitness. Block out the time in your planner or set an alarm on your phone. Seeing your workout in your calendar is an effective way to keep yourself accountable. Also, planning in advance allows you to prepare properly. Do you need to bring your running shoes and gym clothes with you to work the next day? You will know by simply glancing at your calendar. It will allow you to manage your time, ensuring that you do not fill up your day with other things. You will have less room for excuses. Yes, you are busy, but you have already set time apart specifically for exercising.

Find a workout that you actually enjoy — or hate less

If you hate running, you will not feel motivated to do it. You could read lists and lists of how good it is for you. Or you could read articles on how it is the workout that supermodels prefer. If you hate it, you are not going to do it. You may feel like you do not have options, but do not fret! From online workout videos to apps that let you take classes in different gyms in your areas, greatly thanks to technology, the fitness world is your oyster. Try different things and stick with what feels best.

Now, here it is important to keep in mind that enjoying a workout does not mean finding it easy. If you have been leading a primarily sedentary lifestyle up to now, any workout you try will be hard. It is more about the ones where, even when they are hard, you find yourself having fun. This could be due to multiple factors. A really big one is usually the instructor if you are taking a class. Make sure you find one you like because, otherwise, you will not want to go to their class.

It is all in the music

A playlist can make or break a workout. You can either create your own playlists with motivational songs or use a ready-made one in platforms like Spotify. Depending on the type of exercise, you may benefit more from faster or slower songs. This is where BPM, or Beats Per Minute, come in handy. Research has shown that your heart tends to sync to the beat of the music that you are listening to. For this reason, when you are running, for example, a BPM of 150 to 175 is recommended. Meanwhile, for strength training, experts recommend 108 to 150 BPM. Do your research to ensure that the music that you choose will help you and will not slow you down.

Focus on how you will feel after your workout

When the endorphins kick in, it will most likely feel like a moment of pure bliss. If you focus on this feeling, getting up and doing it will be so much easier. Try to ignore the pre-workout dread and focus on getting yourself pumped. Also, the more you workout, the more you will look forward to that beautiful dose of endorphins, and the easier it will get.

Be patient and start slow

A typical mistake when trying to start a workout regime is going all in too fast. While the excitement to get healthy is great, this might only result in you burning yourself out. Do not be afraid to tap the Beginner category when choosing an at-home workout video. Sign up to a class catered to people who are starting a fitness journey, like you. Once the workouts start feeling easier, build up the intensity. When workouts are less hard for you, it means that your body is getting used to them. Level up when this happens, in order to keep the workout challenge going. Remember that everyone has a different body with particular characteristics. This means that each person has a different pace in terms of fitness. Try to find inspiration in others while avoiding comparing yourself.

Wear fun clothes that make you feel confident

Neon colors might motivate you, or perhaps you feel best in all black. Simply because they are workout clothes does not mean they have to be boring. Take advantage of the countless options out there and express your personal style at the gym. Having a bomb outfit always gives us confidence, which we may lack when starting a workout plan.

Get a gym membership

This option may not work for everyone, but the financial commitment can force you to actually work out. Gyms have tons of tools that can help get you on the right track, from classes to personalized workout plans. A gym membership forces you to commit in a way home fitness workouts cannot. You will be able to find multiple options of gyms in Maryland to fit your needs. Apps like Yelp can help you find the best one in your area.