Choosing The Right Garage Door Opener

As a homeowner, it is expected from you to seek greater curb appeal. And this is something you want to do whether you are planning to sell your home or staying in it for the next years to come. Considering the fact that your garage door eats a good portion of your property’s front façade, it is safe to say that its aesthetic appeal plays a crucial role. If it gets dented or simply ugly, your home’s curb appeal is significantly affected.

However, your garage door’s is not only bound for a garage door repair if it gets broken or needs replacement. In most cases, a repair is needed if one or more of its parts are faulty. And one of the elements that homeowners tend to neglect is the opener.

First and foremost, there are a handful of openers on the market. In addition, they each provide you with different capabilities and/or features – let alone the quality and price – hence, the decision-making process can be a bit difficult. But, at the end of the day, choosing the right garage opener really depends on your priorities.

Fortunately, most of today’s garage door openers (with LiftMaster garage door opener being the most popular) are very reliable. In other words, there are no wrong decisions to make – you just have to make a better one.

Before you can understand how to choose the right one, let’s take a look at the two types of garage openers. Basically, these are the belt drive and the chain drive. They are detailed below:

garage door openers

Belt Drive – When you look for a garage door company to provide you with a garage door opener installation, you will be given two types of garage door openers. For the first one, it is none other than the belt drive. This is where the chain is replaced by a rubber belt; hence the name. Apparently, though, belt drive openers tend to be more expensive and require utmost care when it comes to installation. Still, they are known for providing the quietest of operation.

Chain Drive – In the world of garage door opener reviews, many will tell you that the chain drive is the most common one. In fact, it is widely used today by homeowners across the world. But since a chain drive is made of metal and even flexes under the pressure of the garage door, they tend to be noisy when being operated. This is the main reason why it is less popular than the belt drive.

It is worth noting that apart from the types, there are also different brands available on the market. They include, but not limited to, Craftsman, LiftMaster garage door opener, and Chamberlain garage door opener. Interestingly, LiftMaster appears to be the go-to choice among many homeowners and business owners for its quality, durability, and efficiency. Even when talking about a garage door opener remote, the LiftMaster garage door opener remote is a better pick when compared to the likes of Chamberlain garage door opener remote and Craftsman garage door opener remote.

So, now that you have already concrete knowledge about the two types of garage door and the best brand (i.e. LiftMaster than Craftsman garage door opener or Chamberlain, let’s take a look at how you can find the right one. They are explained below.

Tips On Choosing the Right Garage Opener

Choosing the right garage opener is a crucial decision to make, especially since it can be a make or break of the success of your garage door’s overall structure. This mechanism, in particular, plays a crucial role in how efficient your garage door is when it comes to closing and/or opening. So, before you jump into conclusion, make sure to only buy the best garage door opener.

Go For Low Noise – This one right here is a good factor to consider. This is especially important if you are sensitive to sound. Look for a garage door opener that guarantees low noise. Do not be afraid to ask a garage door company, as you want to make sure you get your money’s worth. For instance, you know that the chain drive tends to be noisy. Move forward and find a garage opener that is belt driven.

Remote-Control Reliability – You really think that openers have not technologically developed over the years? Well, wait when you find an opener that comes with sophisticated remote-control reliability. The coolest thing about a remote-controlled opener is that you can operate the mechanism or the door itself via the remote. Not only is it flexible, but it is also convenient to use.

Dual-Frequency Feature – If you are living in a densely populated area, it is possible for your neighbor’s opener to interfere with yours. So, as much as possible, you should look for an opener that comes with a dual-frequency feature – one that can automatically switch between two frequencies in order to reduce this interference.

Rolling-Code Security Technology – This technology righter here is specifically designed to select a new and non-repeating access code directly from countless of possibilities. And this process takes place every time you use the garage door opener remote. This is perfect in keeping away burglars from exploiting your property, as they will have a hard time pinpointing the right code.

Go For Garage Door Keypad Entry – Are you worried that your opener does not come with a garage door keypad? Worry no more, though – that is because this feature can always be added as an option. You just need to ask your preferred garage door company and install it for you!

Battery Backup – This is perhaps the biggest factor you need to take into account when selecting an opener. If your place tends to have power outages, you can go for an opener that is equipped with a battery backup feature. Keep in mind, however, that this one tends to be a rare feature – something that is common on fewer high-end models like Liftmaster garage door opener. So, the next a power outage kicks in, you can still open your garage door and proceed to work without the worry of getting late.

Overhead Lights – Lights have become a standard addition in most modern garage door openers. However, do not just go with one that offers this functionality. Your best course of action is to buy an opener that allows you to control the lights independently when the door closes or opens.

Internet Connectivity – Oh, yes, that is right – internet connectivity is now possible in more advanced openers. Do you like to have the ability to check on the current status of your garage door? Do you want to either close or open it remotely? Or perhaps you want to know how many times it has been opened or closed in day? If you like the idea of having these features, then go with an opener that is integrated with internet connectivity capability.

Notes Before You Go

The above-mentioned tips are designed to help you find the right garage door opener. However, there are also things that you need to consider when making a decision. The ones listed below will basically help you further in one way or another.

Safety – Keep in mind that your garage door opener is responsible for controlling your garage door, which is one of the heaviest and enormous things in your property. Given its weight and size, you want an opener that guarantees efficiency. As such, safety is – and always will be – crucial. Remember, too, that some openers come with auto-reverse functionality (a quality you need to have). Basically, when the garage door’s sensors find an object or someone next to the door when it is closing or opening, it reverses the function in order to prevent an accident.

Hire a Pro – Do you plan to install the garage door opener on your own? Well, if so, then you are completely mistaken. Remember: The opener allows your garage door to function accordingly. If you install it on your own, the chances of errors are high. This could result in accidents or costly repairs. Your best course of action here is to call a professional garage door company. Not only do these professionals have the right tools and equipment, but they are also skilled and experienced when it comes to garage opener installation. Even more so, they can recommend to you the best brands like LiftMaster garage door opener.

Don’t Settle For Cheap – Many homeowners tend to buy a cheaper model of opener thinking it can help them save money. Sure, the opener is cheap in terms of price, but the quality and efficiency might not be there. Sooner or later, this will require repairs, which will simply result in costlier damage repairs. As much as possible, you should go for the best ones even if you have to spend a bit. Your goal is long-term, one that could last for almost a lifetime.