Important steps before
removing scratches from a car

It’s inevitable that your car will get scratches no matter how careful you are in driving or in parking. You might get scratches due to poor parking, car accidents, vandalism, and other parking mishaps. Do not fret. There are various ways to remove scratches from a car. But here are some important tips before attempting to remove scratches from your car.

1. Check how deep the scratch is

The first step to do before applying anything to remove the scratches is to evaluate how deep the scratch is. To do this, run your fingernail over the scratch. Move it back and forth. If your fingernail catches on the scratch, then it means that the scratch is too deep and you might need to go to an auto repair shop and have a car mechanic perform a car scratch repair on it. If your fingernail doesn’t catch on the scratches, then it means that the scratch is only on the surface and you have a lot of options to remove this.

2. Wash and dry the scratched area of your car thoroughly.

Before applying anything on the scratches, make sure that the car is clean and free from debris and dirt. If you rub debris and dirt into the scratched area, it will just worsen the scratches. To wash your car, spray it with a hose to wet it and remove all of the debris and dirt. Use a car-washing brush or a large sponge to apply the car wash soap to your car. Only use soap that is meant for car washing. Make sure that all the surface of your car will be soaped and then use the hose to rinse the car and remove all the soap from the surface. Dry the car with a clean and dry towel.

How to fix scratches on car

Once you are done with the important steps mentioned above, you can now proceed in applying your preferred method of removing the scratches. Here are some of the options in removing the scratches:

• Toothpaste

This is a good hack in removing scratches from your car since it is readily available at home. Toothpaste has abrasive properties that makes it a good hack in removing scratch marks from CDs, DVDs, and screens of smartphones, laptops, tablets, computers, and television. A toothpaste will not really be able to smoothen the deep scratch on your car. What it can do is to fill the space with the paste allowing it to blend with the surface to make the scratch less obvious. This is only a temporary solution until such time that you have the means to have a car paint scratch repair in an auto shop.

Use the towel to apply the toothpaste. Wet it a little to make it damp and then apply a quarter-sized amount of toothpaste to the towel. The amount of toothpaste will depend on how big or small the scratch is. Rub the towel with the toothpaste on the scratch using a circular motion. Put a little pressure when pressing the towel and move it in small circles. Do this until the toothpaste is evenly distributed on the surface. Wipe or rinse off the excess toothpaste.

• Car scratch repair kit

If you are opting for a car scratch repair kit, go for a high quality scratch repair kit. Look for the best scratch remover. Ordinary scratch repair kits are only meant for removing light to moderate scratches where only the clear coat is damaged and the base coat is not. These can be bought at auto supply stores. The kit comes with a car scratch remover solution and a buffing pad to apply it. It also comes with a scratch filler to fill the deep scratch. Just like the toothpaste, this is also just a temporary solution.

Squirt the solution on the pad or cloth and then fold it in half. Make sure that the solution is evenly distributed on the pad or cloth. Use a circular motion in working the solution into the scratched area and its surroundings. Apply light to medium pressure. Remove the residue using a clean microfiber cloth. Buff the surface using a circular motion.

• Paint

Cover the scratches with spray paint or touch-up paint. Touch up paint is easier to use because you can take control of the paint by using the pen-like device. The only problem is that it works on light to moderate scratches. Some people prefer to use spray paints which is a good choice if you have bigger area to cover especially if your car has multiple scratches. Whatever option you choose, you have to make sure that the color of the paint that you will be using matches the color of your car.

After cleaning and drying your car thoroughly, sand the scratched area with fine-grit sandpaper to remove the top layers of the paint. Rinse and dry the area. Spray some primer on the sanded area. Spray the paint or use touch-up paint to cover the area that has been scratched. Wax the area to seal the paint.

If none of these options work or if you have the means, the best option is to go to an auto repair shop and go for a car scratch repair.