Common ‘Causes’ Of Being Fired

It cannot be denied that the growth of a company – regardless of size and shape – largely depends on the efficiency of its workforce. Basically, it is the performance of employees that decides if a project fails or succeeds. Whether or not employees agree, discipline always plays a crucial role in keeping them adhere to company rules and regulations. Sure, you can be a skilled employee or a genius at what you are doing, but it is imperative for you to follow protocols set by a business.

There are many reasons why employees get fired, such as disobedience and discrimination, among others. But, at the end of the day, it is simply due to fact that they do not follow rules and regulations. Still, there are situations where an employee can be kicked out due to issues pertaining to performance, discipline, and loyalty, among many others.

To give you a general idea of why companies fire employees, we have prepared a list of common reasons the former does so.

#1. Backbiting Your Boss On Social Media

Yes, that is right – backbiting your boss on social networking sites can bring you your dismissal. It is common for employees to easily get frustrated by issues relating to work. However, they tend to bring these frustrations online, saying all the bad stuff about their employers. The only catch here is that doing so suggests a lack of professionalism from your part. What is worse, it could paint a bad picture of the company, something that could lead to the involvement of a lawyer.

As an employee, it is expected from you to act professional and become an asset for the company. And while you may have issues with how they handle different areas in the workplace, you do not have the right to talk bad about the company, let alone your boss. And mind you, if you do this, it could be a form of harassment on your part. So be prepared to have an attorney, as you will be in a legal fight soon.

#2. Getting Drunk To Work

As a professional, you must be able to maintain a certain level of decorum and decency. This is most especially the case when you are still within the company premise. There is nothing wrong about taking alcohol even at day, but make sure you do not do this while at work or even before you go to the office. In other words, do not let your personal choice affect your career choice. Being in a drunken state can easily result in a negative impression, one that could affect you, the people you work with, and the company itself.

#3. Unauthorized Surfing Online

Companies nowadays have a stricter rule when it comes to the Internet. Sure, some may allow you to access sites, but it does not mean you can do so every now and then. There are rules and regulations put in place. One of the main reasons companies do this is because some employees are fond of accessing pornography. And if you are caught, you will easily get a job displacement. In other words, you will be removed from your current position or, worse, dismount you from the company. “You are fired,” the words you will hear!

Of course, pornography is not the only reason here. Companies do this to prevent you from accessing social media sites. It is a good thing if you will only be reprimanded but think about the possibility of getting fired simply because you checked your Facebook.

#4. Not Following Orders

Do you wonder why all of a sudden an employee is disqualified from entering the company? It turns out that, in most cases, it is due to the unwillingness to follow orders. When you are hired, it is in your contract to follow the company’s rules and regulations. Even the labour law says so. By not following these orders, you could bring an adverse impact on the work atmosphere within the company. Sure, it is expected from you to have few disagreements with your supervisor or manager. However, at the end of the day, you are their subordinate. It is expected of you to follow their orders.

Do not disengage yourself from this one here. The redundancy of the idea this part brings could be sickening, but that is how it works. Unless you want to get a termination of employment letter, you should be willing to adhere to your company’s rules and regulations. The company is owned by your boss. You have no right to be dispossessed, as it is his. So follow his orders!

#5. Sexual Harassment of Co-Workers

If you think you have seen enough, then you have not known how serious sexual harassment is. It is more than the idea of being disinterested, discursive or dissemble in the workforce. By essence, sexual harassment is considered a very serious crime. Unfortunately, nowadays, it tends to take place at the office. As a matter of fact, people on higher position tend to take advantage of their power to harass their colleagues sexually. Mind you, this one is not just your typical termination or disjunction – it could really mean jail time.

There are actions you need to be careful if you want to succeed in your company. Apart from steering clear from disquiet or the ones mentioned above, it is all about being a professional. In fact, the moment you get hired, you already know this. It is always mentioned in any employment law.