Top 10 Tattoo Artists in Maryland

Tattoos are more than just a fashion today. They are a trend and a lifestyle for many people. So, whether you’re considering of getting a tattoo yourself, or just simply enjoy scrolling and looking at different ones, you should check out these 10 tattoo artists. This article will introduce you to the best tattoo artists in Maryland.

tattoo artist in milford mill maryland

Best of Time Tattoos and Body Piercing

Location/Address: Milford Mill, MD
Phone: (410) 655-6098
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Little Vinnie’s West Side Tattoos was established in 1996 by Vinnie Myers and Anthony Coppola. Over the years Little Vinnie’s has hosted some of the best tattooists in the world.


SatchmoeArt Tattoo Studio

1. Erick Satchell and SatchmoeArt Studio

Location/Address: Hyattsville, MD
Phone: (301) 880-0440
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SatchmoeArt Studio, an up and coming tattoo lounge, is located in the heart of the Hyattsville Art District. Erick Satchell II, owner of SatchmoeArt, is a self taught tattoo artist that has grown his business to satisfy his clients with his best work. If you’re looking for an artist that will create a master piece you can walk away with forever, you’ll want to stop by and schedule an appointment.

Olde Line Tattoo Studio

2. Olde Line Tattoo

Location/Address: Hagerstown, MD
Phone: (240) 347-4827
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Old Line Tattoo is a family owned custom tattoo studio. The owner, Dave Krusemen, is well known for his detailed, traditional American style and for winning the Sixth Season of Ink Master. Old Line’s tattoo artists have experience in all tattoing styles, offering you exquisitely artistic tattoos. You should visit their studio for professional piercings too.

Hypnotique Ink Tattoo Studio

3. Hypnotique Ink

Location/Address: Waldorf, MD
Phone: (301) 932-9760
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Hypnotique Ink was established in 2018 by Marilyn and is located inside St. Charles Town Center. They’re also the founders of The SOMD Tattoo Expo. In addition to tattoos, they offer a variety of services such as piercings, tooth gems and have a crystal shop inside the studio itself. Hypnotique Ink is not a typical tattoo shop, with 4,000 square feet of tattoo space, they specialize in custom work and will cater to your needs and wants.

Black Lotus Tattoo Studio

4. Black Lotus Tattoos

Location/Address: Hanover, MD
Phone: (410) 487-6675
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Black Lotus Tattoos is owned by Halo, a tattoo artist and a painter, who’s work is featured in some of todays top tattoo magazines. Halo works primarily in the portrait style area and also does custom auto airbrushing. The tattoo studio provides a variety of services, including custom tattoos, body piercings and tattoo removal.

Little Inkplay Tattoo Studio

5. Little INKPLAY Shop

Location/Address: Hyattsville, MD
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Little INKPLAY is a custom tattoo & art shop, gallery and kawaii culture hub, which is inspired by colorful, fun Japanese street styles. It was founded by Imani, an international tattoo artist and illustrator, who has been working in the tattoo industry for more than 16 years. The tattoo studio offers a boutique style tattoo therapy experience, focusing on positive body image and self empowerment.

Shop 53 Tattoo Studio

6. Shop 53 Custom Tattoo and Art Studio

Location/Address: La Plata, MD
Phone: (240) 349-2932
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Shop 53 is Maryland’s first and one of a kind tattoo and art studio, owned and all operated by women. They support local artists and encourage people of all ages, regardless of if they are into tattoos, to come and check out their art gallery. Shop 53’s art gallery is replaced quarterly and the tattoo studio hosts parties for people to come in and meet the tattoo artists.

Deville Ink Tattoo Studio

7. DeVille Ink

Location/Address: Baltimore, MD
Phone: (410) 400-9641
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Deville Ink was founded in 2009 by Tony and his wife KC Deville. The studio has an open floor design with no walls blocking any of the artists or their work. Deville Ink’s tattoo artists specialize in black and gray, portrait, realism, full-color or custom tattoos. Every tattoo is custom drawn for the client. The studio currently employs five artists and offers free consultation.

Triple Crown Tattoo Studio

8. Triple Crown Towson Tattoo

Location/Address: Towson, MD
Phone: (667) 206-2125
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Triple Crown Tattoo is Maryland’s first premier tattoo studio and art gallery. Established in 2018, all their tattoo artists have a minimum of ten years of experience in the tattoo industry, and are experts in their own style. Additionally, Triple Crown features international guest artists.

Rose Red Tattoo Studio

9. Rose Red Tattoo Studios

Location/Address: Ellicott City, MD
Phone: (410) 216-0111
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Located in Ellicott City and established in 2014, Rose Red Tattoo Studios was opened by Lisa Doll, an artist with years of experience in conventional tattooing. The studio specializes in custom tattooing, restorative/paramedical tattooing and natural looking permanent makeup.

chapterhouse tattoo

10. Chapterhouse Tattoo

Location/Address: Baltimore, MD
Phone: (410) 885-9788
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Chapterhouse Tattoo is the home of Brett Burnham and Matt Taylor. Each artist offers a highly specialized style of tattooing and over 30 years of combined experience. Brett focuses on bringing traditional tattooing practices to his imaginative subject matter and style. Matt’s foundation is in traditional American tattooing, and is highly influenced by the psychedelia of the 60’s and 70’s.