The Best Golf Courses in Maryland

The Best Golf Courses in Maryland

Are you looking to up your golf game? Or perhaps you just want to continue that American golf spirit with your friends and/or family? Whatever your purpose is, Maryland has got you covered when it comes to golf courses and golf clubs. In fact, much of today’s attention towards this sport has turned to the great Ocean City, and the hype is only getting much stronger.

While it holds true that Maryland can offer you the likes of junior golf clubs and women’s golf clubs, among many others, there are those that could really fine tune your game. And with surprisingly diverse of options of the city has to offer, we decided to narrow down the list for you. Let’s take a look at 15 of the best golf courses in Maryland. Make sure to keep them in mind!

#1. Bulle Rock, Havre de Grace

The first one on our list is named for its exceptional and pioneering Thoroughbred horse, which this golf course brought the United States. Unlike its contemporaries, this one was designed by the legendary Pete Dye. And in case you did not know, it is through this design that the course quickly became a popular spot in Mid-Atlantic. No wonder the LPGA Championship during the 2005-2009 Season was hosted there, not to mention the fact the course drew attention across the globe.

#2. Eagle’s Landing Golf Club, Berlin

The Eagle’s Landing Golf Club in Berlin is a special one, considering the fact that it is beautifully-kept in a municipal course. Owned and ran by town of Ocean City, this golf course is really going to give you a deluge of challenge, especially with its occasional ocean winds. And oh, if you are looking for a golf course, you will appreciate this one. That is because it offers prices that are lower when compared to many of today’s top-tier courses. And despite its cost-effectiveness, it does not fail in providing players and fans alike a beautiful location.

#3. Links at Perry Cabin, St. Michaels

Of course, it is a crime not to include the Links at Perry Cabin, especially since Pete Dye himself also designed this one. Known for being one of the few hybrid golf clubs in Maryland, it opened back in spring 2018. Since then, the iconic golf course has made enthusiasts thrilled through its stunning terrain, something that actually provides people with some of the many iconic views of the city. It is a must-experience golf course for anyone who is looking to have a great golf experience.

#4. Lake Presidential, Upper Marlboro

The Lake Presidential, which is located in Upper Marlboro, is uust 15 miles outside of Washington, D.C. This alone makes it an ideal golf course for anyone who is into the likes of August golf course. And whether you are into golf products like Adam golf clubs from Adam’s golf, there is no doubt that you will fall in love with this serene course since it is around a lake. It reportedly opened its doors back in 2008. And since its inception, it managed to acquire a reputation specifically designed for giving enthusiasts a gameplay that best suits their respective talents and skills.

#5. Links at Lighthouse Sound, Bishopsville

Maryland is indeed known for its ability to golfers challenging and diverse courses, some of which are for ladies golf clubs and youth golf clubs. When it comes to this topic, one can surely agree that Lighthouse Sound can go home with the title of being the best of the region. Even more so, it can condense itself into a single course like those Cobra golf clubs. Packed with different flora and fauna, this golf course is one of the best when it comes to MD golf.

If you are the type who enjoys the sport and the beautiful sceneries, for sure, the Links at Lighthouse Sound will satisfy you. And whether you are new to this sport, or you are actually considering a career out of it, you should definitely experience the many heart-stomping challenges it offers. You never know, this is the golf course than can inspire you!

#6. Greystone, White Hall

Another municipal course that is bringing buzz in the world of ocean city golf is none other than Greystone. This one right here is situated in the northern part of Baltimore County. Its aesthetic appeal has been one of the many reasons it continues to draw golfers. Even enthusiasts who are into Ladies golf apparel find it captivating due to its top-notch conditions, interesting layout, reasonable prices, and even strong service.

#7. Lodestone Golf Course at Wisp Resort, McHenry

If Arizona golf courses have a variety of courses surrounded by mountains, Maryland has too. And yes, this is all thanks to Deep Creek Lake, which is perfectly situated between mountains. This course is not just massive for its spirit of the sports, but also due to its ability to provide you with a course combined with scenery. But hey, keep in mind as well that the Lodestone Golf Course offers a challenging play. Not only are fairways narrow, but can also bring you in front of well-protected and undulating greens much like the Ashworth golf.

Give Lodestone Golf Course a try and you might just chance up one of the nature’s best. Again, the sceneries here are just unmatched and it is also a sin not to give in!

#8. Maryland National Golf Club, Middletown

If you are going to ask the legendary architect named Arthur Hills, he will tell you what approached he used to design the Maryland National Golf Club in Middletown. And according to him, his perspective during that time was akin to the great Michelangelo. As a matter of fact, this approach is pretty amplified in his signature golf courses. Hills wanted to build a golf course that is not only limited to being the likes of other Ocean City golf courses. The same thing can be said for the Ballybunion gold course or other golf courses in Maryland. With this one, he brought natural changes when it comes to wetlands and elevation, both of which he did in his own interpretation of the classic style.

#9. Queenstown Harbor Golf Links, Queenstown

This is perhaps must-experience Ocean City golf, especially since it is deemed to be one of the best golf courses in Maryland. According to history, it was around 2011 and then Rivers course was renovated in an attempt to make better use of the titular Chester River. The idea was to give players more depth in terms of challenges. Even more so, this is one those Ocean City Maryland golf courses that offers awe-inspiring water views, especially since it is just east of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. The Lake Course is among the shorter Maryland golf out there like the Annapolis golf course. This makes it the best course for anyone who is looking to discover their skills in this sport.

#10. Renditions, Davidsonville

Did you know that each hole at this golf course is quite special in a sense that they all are a replica of a famous hole? And in case you are wondering, this hole goes back to a championship course across the globe. For starters, Hole 4 is capable of transporting you straight to Royal Latham & St. Anne’s, which is known for hosting at least 10 British Open Championships. Of course, the fun does not stop there as you are also going to go through holes 11, 12, and 13.

#11. River Marsh Golf Club, Cambridge

Are you looking for the best area golf courses out there? Or perhaps you want to see the beauty of a course surrounded by beautiful sceneries. Mindy you, this one right here is more than these qualities. The River Marsh Golf Club is one of the few Ocean City golf packages. It is perfectly situated alongside the Choptank River and, thus, has winds that seem to push towards a more thrilling direction.

In case you have not heard about it yet, this is where the course begs to differ – its Hole 17. The latter is believed to require a very long shot, one that is going to over the Shoal Creek. As far as the par-5, 18th hole is concerned, it has both sand and running on the left side, which embraces the latter’s overall length. Let’s not also forget the green that embraces the left side of the fairway at the very end. If you are new to MD golf clubs, then you might want to bring with you some luck in this course.

#12. Rum Pointe Seaside Golf Links, Berlin

Do you know why people often mention this course when talking about Baltimore area golf courses or Annapolis golf club? Well, it is actually thanks to its broad views which will bring you the Assateague State Park in front of you – and this does happen almost from nearly all holes that specially make this course. It was all thanks to the perfect partnership between Pete Dye and his son P.B. that made this course a breath-taking one to enjoy. Of course, it is also a very intriguing one, whether you are a rookie or a veteran in this field.

#13. Golf at Rocky Gap Casino Resort

If it was not for Jack Nicklaus, this golf course would have been impossible. It was him who made it possible for this lakeside course to become a reality. The course was initially developed as part of the Rocky Gap luxury casino resort, giving it a nice marketing appeal to all gold enthusiasts. But hey, the good stuff does not stop there, especially since it is able to offer players with two playing experiences – both of which take place at once. For starters, the front nine was cut from rocky, up-and-down terrain. Now, as for the back nine slopes, they are just sitting on some gentle hills.

#14. Swan Point, Issue

Second but not certainly the least is none other than the Swan Point in Issue. Unlike the aforementioned, the golf course has a rich history tell. Back In the day, it was celebrated for being a nine-hole course. But as its popularity and reputation grow, its aesthetic appeal also changed over time. As first design was not enough, it was later on re-imagined in the mold of the great waterfront tracks which are all found in the Carolinas. It is just around 45 minutes south of the nation’s capital. Even more so, it beautifully wedges itself along the great Potomac River.

The Swan Point is indeed a great golf course to experience. It has a reputation for being one of the best, most especially for its quality to be beginner-friendly. What is more, the course is not just about enjoying and/or celebrating the essence of the sport. Why exactly? That is because it can be a perfect place for those who want to achieve a variety of bird-watching opportunities.

#15. Whiskey Creek Golf Club, Ijamsville

Whiskey Creek Golf Club, which is located in Ljamsville, can be found just around 45 miles from both Baltimore and Washington, D.C. Again, this strategic positioning makes it easily accessible for those who are outside MD, particularly those who want to know what golf means in this area. Courtesy of the PGA Tour professional named Erne Else, this Frederick-area course quickly gained reputation following its massive rise since inception.

Unlike most the aforementioned golf courses, the Whiskey Creek Golf Club can be seen seemingly running over a gazillion of rolling hills. In addition, it is a perfect place to explore largely due to its deluge of stone ruins, which can be seen in play on the 18th hole. If you ever want to bump your golf experience, make it certain that you include the Whiskey Creek Golf Club in your list.

Well, now that you have a better idea of which golf course to visit or explore, it is time you make your first move. These golf courses, by the way, are not just there for the sake of enjoying the sport. They can also be a great experience to cherish, especially if you want to experience Maryland’s best in terms of golf.